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We provide accurate and fluent translation without the all-too-common translationese and turn your product manuals, catalogues, newsletters, patents, brochures, data sheets and trade show posters into matching Asian language versions. We provide premium quality of services at average price. Most of our translators are certified by American Translators Association (ATA) or are recruited by Intel through examinations as Intel freelance linguists. They are both proficient in their language pairs and well versed in technical and IT terminology.

We maintain and constantly update a private library of hundreds of English-Chinese General and specialty dictionaries with several English-Chinese bi-directional electronic dictionaries in science, engineering, biology, medicine and finance. We use TRADOS to ensure terminology consistency throughout a project. We not only have highly qualified translators, but also are backed up with superior technical and linguistic resources.

We offer only the most professional services in English to Asian and Asian to English translations. We relentlessly pursue perfection in our work and will not release a job before we are completely satisfied ourselves. Since 1994, we have served hundreds of clients like Intel, Cisco, HP, Boeing, US Department of Justice, US Department of Energy, US Patent and Trademark Office, The Wall Street Journal, Merck, GE Medical Systems, Dow Chemical, Johnson & Johnson, Nike and others. Here are some more Testimonials we received from project managers and clients.


The quality of the first translation was superb! Thank you, Nic.
  - This is a highly technical Chinese > English translation project about laser guided star. The article is from "Chinese Journal of Astrophysics" (天体物理学报) titled "The Tilt Determination Problem of Laser Guided Star in Adaptive Optics."

I thought you would be interested to know that your translation has been through editing and wordprocessing here and gone to the client. Our staff editor for this job (native English speaker) and proofreader (native Chinese speaker) both send you their compliments for doing such a good job on an obviously difficult project. Sincerely, Patricia.
  - This particular Chinese article is an extensive account of Ginger as a medicinal plant and its biomedical research results, and is full of classical Chinese medical quotes from doctors who lived in eras from the Tang Dynasty (more than 1,000 years ago) to the Qing Dynasty. Several native English speaking translators turned down the job because of the difficulty of the archaic language and the frontier biomedical research. One took on the job but only to quit after translating more than 8,000 characters. I accepted and completed the project in time for delivery with top quality.


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